The Only Education Built MDM Solution

We have 100% focus on education and we know what’s important: Creating great tools for teachers!


What is ZuluDesk


Learning and teaching with iPads. Keep or regain control in the classroom.​

IT Admin

Powerful and easy to use MDM. Empower the IT department.

In combination with Apple’s new iOS 11, ZuluDesk is the very best MDM choice for education. Inventory, deploy, and secure every Mac, iPad, and iPhone in your school—and integrate them into existing IT with an ease that has never been possible until now.


Homework without distractions. Support parents to keep their children focussed.​


ZuluDesk supports iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and macOS computers​

Request a free trial of ZuluDesk and you will get a fully functional instance you can play with. The instance is completely functional and if you decide to purchase a license you can keep this environment. It makes life easier—we think.

ZuluDesk is filled with features, too many to place on a website like this and therefore we encourage you to request a trial. With this trial you will see how powerful our MDM (Mobile Device Management) system is.