Teacher Professional Development

Our professional development offerings help educators infuse technology into their instructional practices and curricula in a way that makes the technology transparent and the learning adventurous and delightful. We offer high quality, hands on workshops and resources designed by teachers for teachers.  Our offerings assist education leaders in visioning and planning for transforming learning and teaching with technology. We help teachers become confident and comfortable using technology and integrating them into their teaching strategies and ensure we focus on curricula, content design and instruction.   All workshops are hands on and address a wide range of learning and teaching needs. All workshops are presented in a context that models technology implementations in a wide variety of curricular styles. 

We help teachers understand the benefits of using ICT by providing them with the skills and knowledge to effectively and efficiently use ICT in their teaching and learning. Through our research into ICT Pedagogies and ICT in education we ensure these skills and knowledge are up to date.

Our professional development opportunities supports and helps teachers learn about ICT in education and how to integrate ICT into their curriculum so that it benefits both teacher and student.

Why attend our presentations?

  • Affrodable and cost effective;
  • Obtain a lot of information in a short amount of imte
  • Wide range of topics
  • Can be tailored to suit your needs and at a time convenient to you.

Workshop Options

  • School Day in-service
  • Twilight schedule in-service
  • Twilight series in-service
  • Pupil Free Day in-service
  • Saturday Workshop
  • Holiday Workshop