Retelling activity using Toontastic (APP)

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Are you looking for a fun way to complete a retell?

Have you used the APP Toontastic before?

I had lots of fun using this app with my year 2 class last year! This is what we did.


Together, we read our story.

Throughout the reading, we stopped and retold the story to the point of reading, to support our understanding and check for our understanding.  After reading the story, we retold the story in it’s entirety. The first few times we used this app I “mirrored” on the SMARTboard through my (teacher) iPads and students accessed the Toontastic app on the student iPads.
Students were guided and supported through “creating a new cartoon”, “drawing your own setting”, and “drawing your own character(s)”. A demonstration was then provided (through “mirroring” on the SMARTboard) on the process of “animating” and “recording” each part of the retelling.

Students then actively engaged with the app using their (Reading Partners) voices, setting illustrations, and character illustrations to create a retelling of the shared story. Support and reinforcement was provided to Reading Partners during their independent application.

A demonstration on titling the retelling and including “Directors” (the Reading Partners’ names) was provided prior to Reading Partners completion of retellings.

Reading Partners viewed their “animated” oral retelling of their story for accuracy and meaning.


After repeating similar lessons the students were able to complete this activity independently and without guidance!