Lesson Idea: A simple Story Retell using an iPad

ipad learning

If you have ever just needed a great activity to fill in a session, or a way to engage your students in reading and writing then this idea may help you! This activity became a regular feature in my class as the students loved being able to have fun with their iPad and being creative. I also shared the finished product to parents every few weeks via our class edstudio and all the parents really appreciated being able to see the improvement in their child’s learning throughout each term.

* Once you finish reading your weekly class book (or any book you have read to the class) have the students complete a story retell template in Notability (StoryMapGraphicOrganizer).

* When the students have an outline of the story completed on the graphic organiser, have them find images that remind them of the story. My students always loved googling cartoon characters and finding their own representations of the characters. This is great practice in safe web searching and the more you expose students to this type of work the quicker they will be!

*In Explain Everything the students can make a slide show of the beginning, middle and end (As per the graphic organiser they previously made), inserting their images they have found and creating their own visual retell of the story.

*Have the students record their voices and insert into their presentation.

*Export the presentation into a movie that is saved on the iPads camera roll.