iPad Configuration

Do You Have iPads in your School and No Time to Set Them Up?

Do you have iPads at your school not being used? Save your staff the stress and hassle of configuring your iPads - and let us help you!

Our Exclusive iPad configuration service covers everything! If you have brand new iPads or you just need some extra apps installed we will do everything for you. From updating and installing apps to restricting and personalising your iPads we have it covered!

How We Can Help You

  • Flat fee depending on the Number of iPads and Required Apps - you know what you are paying!
  • Onsite and Offsite Options Available
  • Complete all required updates on iPads, your MAC and configurator
  • Install all required APPS as specified by you
  • Set Up all iPads to your specifications (Folders, restrictions, images etc)
  • Are you stuck for APP ideas? Ask our Qualified BYOx Teacher!