Retelling activity using Toontastic (APP)

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Are you looking for a fun way to complete a retell?

Have you used the APP Toontastic before?

I had lots of fun using this app with my year 2 class last year! This is what we did.


Together, we read our story.

Throughout the reading, we stopped and retold the story to the point of reading, to support our understanding and check for our understanding.  After reading the story, we retold the story in it’s entirety. The first few times we used this app I “mirrored” on the SMARTboard through my (teacher) iPads and students accessed the Toontastic app on the student iPads.
Students were guided and supported through “creating a new cartoon”, “drawing your own setting”, and “drawing your own character(s)”. A demonstration was then provided (through “mirroring” on the SMARTboard) on the process of “animating” and “recording” each part of the retelling.

Students then actively engaged with the app using their (Reading Partners) voices, setting illustrations, and character illustrations to create a retelling of the shared story. Support and reinforcement was provided to Reading Partners during their independent application.

A demonstration on titling the retelling and including “Directors” (the Reading Partners’ names) was provided prior to Reading Partners completion of retellings.

Reading Partners viewed their “animated” oral retelling of their story for accuracy and meaning.


After repeating similar lessons the students were able to complete this activity independently and without guidance!

Concept Review Game – ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire?’

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Going into a new year us teachers start thinking of ways to review important concepts from the year before… A fun way to to do this is to use Microsoft PowerPoint to create review games based on famous game shows, including “Jeopardy!,” “The Weakest Link,” and “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Check out this template! Put it up on your projector and off you go – Kids love it and I even think you will find it fun to! XX

Who Wants to be a Millionaire – Blank Template

Other templates can be accessed at 


ITN Source Presents a Timeline of Technology Over the Last 100+ Years



ITN Source, a provider of archival video footage, has published an interesting timeline of the development of technology since 1900.  It is absolutely to sit and watch the astronomical changes that have occurred in only 100 years!

The timeline is arranged by decade from 1900 through 2010. I would love to see 2010-2014 – just in that time short time there has been some amazing developments! Each stop on the timeline features a short video about the technological developments of the decade. Although the content is not in-depth it gives a great overview which can serve as discussion starters!

An idea for classroom application could be that  Students can create a similar type of timeline by using Timeline JS. Timeline JS allows students to develop timelines that contain videos, images, and text. Click here to be directed through to Timeline JS.


Lesson Idea: A simple Story Retell using an iPad

ipad learning

If you have ever just needed a great activity to fill in a session, or a way to engage your students in reading and writing then this idea may help you! This activity became a regular feature in my class as the students loved being able to have fun with their iPad and being creative. I also shared the finished product to parents every few weeks via our class edstudio and all the parents really appreciated being able to see the improvement in their child’s learning throughout each term.

* Once you finish reading your weekly class book (or any book you have read to the class) have the students complete a story retell template in Notability (StoryMapGraphicOrganizer).

* When the students have an outline of the story completed on the graphic organiser, have them find images that remind them of the story. My students always loved googling cartoon characters and finding their own representations of the characters. This is great practice in safe web searching and the more you expose students to this type of work the quicker they will be!

*In Explain Everything the students can make a slide show of the beginning, middle and end (As per the graphic organiser they previously made), inserting their images they have found and creating their own visual retell of the story.

*Have the students record their voices and insert into their presentation.

*Export the presentation into a movie that is saved on the iPads camera roll.